Thursday, August 8, 2013

not very is there a way to make it safe? is a social networking site with 60 million users, around half of them under 18. It's a place where kids can gossip without adults around. But lately the playground atmosphere has turned nasty and it has been linked to a spate of teenage suicides.

Friday, June 28, 2013

‘sexting’ and cyber bullying

Issue in your school? Certainly is for us/me.

‘Photograph’ a film about ‘sexting’ and cyber bullying
The resource is produced by the CentaCare Sandhurst Loddon-Mallee Cyber Safety Project, “Developing Ethical Digital Citizens” funded by the Telstra Foundation, a local film-maker and 40 Bendigo teenagers.

A teacher and student resource recommended for years 7- 12.
A unique DVD ROM for teachers and community groups to use to promote discussion about what can be sensitive issues involving teenagers, sex and repercussions.
Photograph tackles the problem of ‘sexting’ or the creating, sharing and forwarding of sexually explicit images and text by teens.
The Study Guide is written by Robyn Treyvaud and Lee Burton
Authors of Cybersafe Kids CD ROM
Key consultants and writers for Cybersmart- the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website 2009.
The 15 minute film on the DVD ROM, Photograph, shows the repercussions when a 15 year old girl sends an inappropriate photograph of herself to her boyfriend. The story focuses on the emotional impact on the girl, her parents and her friends and the legal and emotional impact on the boy and his parents. Its 17 year old star, Carly Loftus says, “People our age don’t see the consequences of who it can affect and how many people it can affect. It’s really something that affects someone’s self esteem and confidence.”
Aired at international conferences on cyber safety, Photograph is a unique film. Nowhere else in the world has this problem been tackled in such a way, by involving teenagers in the production of a film for them on this subject.
The extensive study guide and DVD contains information about the film and how to use it in schools, the consequences for perpetrators and victims and the role of bystanders. A detailed section on strategies to prevent sexting and cyberbullying and how to respond to incidents includes.
•Information sheets to print out for students and parents.

•Interviews with Sergeant Matt Gildea from the Victoria Police and main actors

•Class discussion starters and activities including restorative practice questions

•A research and production activity

•Incident response procedural flowchart

•Incident assessment tool

•Current research and resources.

Distributed by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM).

Friday, September 7, 2012


R U OK?Day is a national day of action dedicated to inspiring all Australians to ask family, friends and colleagues, ‘Are you ok?’ By regularly reaching out to one another and having open and honest conversations, we can all help build a more connected community and reduce our country’s high suicide rate.

R U OK?Day is on the second Thursday of September (13 September 2012).

More than 2,200 Australians suicide each year and men are around 3 times more likely to die by suicide than females (ABS 2012). For each person that takes their life, another 30 people attempt to end their own life (SANE Australia).

Most people don't openly share their feelings, particularly if they're struggling. The best thing we can all do is regularly talk to the people we care about - regardless of whether they are at risk - because connection is good for us all.

In the time it takes to have your coffee, you can start a conversation that could change a life.

Who will you ask?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Smoking too much?

A range of free cannabis information resources are available to order from the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre. These resources are suitable for service providers in healthcare, alcohol and drugs, youth work, law enforcement, and educational institutions. We are using them successfully here with our FLO students.
The fact sheets are lovely little pdf files that I have put on teacher laptops. you can download them here. You can also order a huge amount of free brochures, cards etc. Go for it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally - the answer! It was in the EdLounge all along

Hugh (Christies Beach AP) just introduced EdLounge to me. Where have I been? Perfect for online, paced, individualised learning. Perfect for students on suspension, exclusion, in Time Out, personal tutoring, case management.
Betta get Barbie doing some lessons so she can go to the DJ workshop and/or upgrade her car.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ahhh the classroom and the IT issues are chronic now. Kids are being taught to misuse computers really. Lots of bad habits to squash, needing lots of engagement to get them on board...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


ThoughtWorks is a global IT consultancy

We deliver custom applications and provide consulting grounded in reality; we help organizations become efficient through Agile and Lean practices and principles. By hiring exceptional people, we can solve our clients' biggest and most pressing problems. All of our services are offered both on and offshore, and are delivered with pride and passion.

Careers |

Could they need me?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paid to blog?

Today I chose a path and place for my future.
Today I chose to do 'this' full time. An expert in Cyberbullying? An expert on The Internet and teenagers?
I can take the facebook seminar/presentation to International MS conference, Middle Years conference, New teachers conference for the Union for a start. SASPA? Artists Week, Writers Week
I can help the Caregroup teacher for 8.4 to get some documents that discuss privacy settings for social networking sites like I promised.
I'm thinking a phd through research masters degree - maybe a video blog rather than a written report?
Booklets for teacher. Booklets for staff. Update twice year..
I can offer the cyber bullying for staff presentation that I ran for HSC. Create own video's?
Seminar for counsellors? MSN & Facebook:Management of reports of bullying on the net.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IPP Digital Media - Industry consultation forum

How can you tell who the most employable geek is? He's the one looking at your shoes - not his own!
This and much much more came from our gathering today at ABC studio's.
A REALLY useful event both for me as a Multimedia teacher and someone interested in entering the Multimedia industry.
I was fortunate to sit on the Gaming stream that attracted the best professionals;
Steven Ready from Digital Lamb
Shane Bevan from Monkeystack
Richard Taylor from Holopoint
Peta Pash from Mega
Hamish Park from DTED (Government)
Their collective suggestions included;
Good Gamers are
  • aware of the components that go into making a game and which bits they do best
  • able to traverse diverse visual platforms ie Flash, 3D, Multiplayer modalities etc
  • are generalists that specialise
  • able to show a product and explain how they got it
  • demonstrate diverse processes for achieving creative goals
  • are explicit about the differing visual platforms and able to name the similarities and differences
  • have purposeful exercises in their folio and can explain (why does your avatar look that way?)
  • have consulted widely and sought extensive feedback on their products
  • have considered differing user types
  • can show where they started and where they finished and how that happened (folio)
  • are willing to work on someone else's design concept as passionately as their own
  • have artistic flair, technical merit and present polished products
  • are able to crossover the artistic and technical bridge
  • are good business managers and have some entrepreneurial traits
  • are excellent problem solvers and troubleshooters
  • are able to network

Peta referred to Digital Industry Education Forum findings from investigating the pathway for 20 000 graduates that the most essential things are the 'soft' skills;
  • communication
  • understanding of how the company works and your place in it
  • are able to articulate design concepts
  • and are problem solvers
Shane said a good test for your game is that you can test the interface with a peer without hovering over their shoulder.
Richard talked about game mechanics theory. Where's the game play? This could be with an iphone app or a multiplayer roleplay game.
Both spoke about 'What happens after you push the start button'. What sort of 'experience' is it for your user?

Get started on your folio!