Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paid to blog?

Today I chose a path and place for my future.
Today I chose to do 'this' full time. An expert in Cyberbullying? An expert on The Internet and teenagers?
I can take the facebook seminar/presentation to International MS conference, Middle Years conference, New teachers conference for the Union for a start. SASPA? Artists Week, Writers Week
I can help the Caregroup teacher for 8.4 to get some documents that discuss privacy settings for social networking sites like I promised.
I'm thinking a phd through research masters degree - maybe a video blog rather than a written report?
Booklets for teacher. Booklets for staff. Update twice year..
I can offer the cyber bullying for staff presentation that I ran for HSC. Create own video's?
Seminar for counsellors? MSN & Facebook:Management of reports of bullying on the net.

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