Sunday, February 28, 2010

Artist's Week 2010

Adelaide Festival Artist Week Day three 'Participatory Cultures'
Geert Lovink 'transform these things into tools in which we control the settings'.Geert is founder of the Institute of Network Cultures'and like all good art and thinking is from Amsterdam!
QLD's ARC Dr Jean Burgess's research on You Tube was cool too.
Interesting to see the most viewed youtube vid 'Charlie bit my finger'! Silliness is universal and that sense of mischief seems to be culturally generative. I liked the work about musicians sharing. This is a good example of participatory culture?
All the art was brilliant too.
I loved Dr Melinda Rackham's Web 2.0 Suicide. It was useful too.

I'll be installing Prof Ana Munsters's Track me not too.
Pss Don't tell the kids!

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